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Commericial Painting

History of Painting

Times have changed and the painting trade keeps evolving. If you had been alive 40,000 thousand years ago, you or one of your clan would


Drywall Boarding

Making sure walls are boarded and leveled before tapping. We continue to make progress on this renovation project and we are almost at the finish

Burnaby Painting

Getting Ready for Commercial Painters

Is your Home ready for the painting crew? You’ve decided to sell your Kerrisdale house or perhaps you’ve just closed on the Kitsilano home of

Burnaby Painting

Dense Glass Installation

Fastening Dense Glass Sheathing to Metal Studs If you have lived in Vancouver for more than a year then you are aware of our damp

Burnaby Painting

The Versatility of Greige

Gray, Beige or Greige? When one thinks of lovely paint colours that are vibrant and pleasing, it’s likely that beige and gray don’t spring to