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Our Philosophy:

We are a people-focused business and believe in meeting our customers before we get to work. This traditional face-to-face consultation allows you to get to know us and is an important foundation for our customer service relationship. To that end, all of the quotes are completed in person.

Why Don’t You Offer a Flat-Rate or Package Price?

We have XX years of experience and that enables us to accurately determine how many hours a particular job will take. Flat-rate pricing tends to either over-inflate the cost of a job or leads to sloppy workmanship because of its emphasis to complete the work in a hurry. That is why we stick to hourly quotes. If you’re seeking a free, fair, and accurate quote for maintenance cleaning, we are able and happy to provide that.

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How Do You Determine Your Quote?

  1. Frequency: The longer the time between cleaning, the more hours required to do the job thoroughly. Cleaning is like any other maintenance job. The more frequently something is maintained, the better it is. Monthly cleanings are acceptable but will take longer. Most of our customers have found that weekly or biweekly cleanings are the most cost-effective overall.
  2. Size of the space that needs cleaning: Size determines the length of time required for cleaning as does what’s in that space. The number of objects in a room, like shelving, tables, cabinets, furniture, and knick-knacks will be considered in the quote. We don’t want to miss a spot!

What Does The Quote Include?

Absolutely no surprises. You will notice that our first visit will require a little extra time – a normal procedure as our staff gets acquainted with your space. After that our quote will remain the same based on the cleaning frequency that you choose.

Call A Professional

Residential Rates:

$34/hr plus tax per person for regularly scheduled cleaning (biweekly or weekly). The minimum is 2.5 hrs.

Helpful Info

You may be wondering about the time required to clean spaces, so let us give you some approximates.

  • Average 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apt – 1 cleaner, 2.5 hours
  • Average townhouse (1,100 sq ft) with 2 bathrooms – 1 cleaner, 3 hours
  • Average home (2,000 sq ft) with 2 bathrooms – 1 cleaner, 4 hours

Specialized Cleaning Services:

Perhaps you need some extra cleaning help for special events like holidays, birthdays, or family gatherings. We’d be happy to discuss our services with you.

If you are moving and don’t have the time or energy to do a final clean, we can help you! Give us a call so we can review what you need.

On average, a small apartment (600-900 sq feet) will be $150 to $200.

A townhouse (900-1,500 sq ft) moving out clean will be approximately $200 to $350 and a home (2,000-3,000 sq ft) will be roughly $350 to $500.

Commercial Cleaning

We offer commercial cleaning services and would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your needs and to provide you with a free quote.


Cash or e-transfer for 1st visit.

Cash or cheque for all subsequent visits.

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